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Kala Infrared Sauna

Kala Infrared Sauna

By Kala

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Experience the benefits of deep, therapeutic heat with the Kala Infrared Sauna. This red cedar-made sauna promotes detoxification, improves circulation, relieves pain, and enhances relaxation. Enjoy a spa-like experience at home and transform your wellness routine with soothing infrared warmth. Invest in your health today with our premium Infrared Sauna.

*To fully experience the benefits of the Kala Infrared Sauna, we suggest spending 20-30 minutes inside at a comfortable temperature. This will allow the infrared heat to gently relax both your body and mind.

Key Features

  • High Power Infrared Sauna
  • 3 Infrared Heating Elements
  • Energy-saving Design
  • Durable Tempered Glass
  • Digital Display with Smart Tablet
  • Premium Canadian Red Cedar Wood
  • Optimal Infrared Heater Placement
  • Ultra Low EMF

What's Included

  • Digital Smart Tablet
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Surround Speakers
  • 7 Luxury Nano Ceiling Lights
  • USB Radio
  • Control Panel
  • Reading Lamp
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