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Briiv Air Purifier

Briiv Air Purifier

By Briiv

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Meet Briiv, the world's most sustainable air purifier. Made from earth-friendly materials and filters that are grown and not made, Briiv is brilliant if you're wanting fresher, cleaner air that doesn't cost the Earth.

Perfect for your smart connected home, Briiv also offers a handy mobile app where you can control all your units from, from anywhere in the world! You can set up schedules, change speeds for optimal use in every room and you even have access to see your filters health. This lets you know exactly when it’s time to replace your filters, so you don’t replace them too early or too late!

Filter Composition

What are the filters made from?
We’re glad you asked! Let’s start from the top going down.

Reindeer Moss – The green moss in the top of the Briiv is a naturally grown, ethically harvested reindeer moss which is incredible at trapping particles in its structure. This layer will comfortably remove PM10 sized particles like pollen and other allergens such as pet dander.

Coconut – Taken from waste coconut product and re-purposed into a fantastic filtration fibre, this dense mesh targets particles down to PM5 in size.

Nano Matrix Filter – A newly engineered bespoke filter which combines both the elements of nanofibres and carbon. Activated charcoal from waste walnut husks which pulls VOCs and odours from the air, so Briiv not only filters the air, it smells better too. Developed originally for the medical industry, cutting edge nano-fibres remove fine harmful particles from the air. 


Briiv is one of the most sustainably built products on the planet. The body of the unit is made completely from eco-friendly bioplastics derived from elephant grass, with a toughened recyclable glass display dome to house the moss. Briiv also utilises natural filters where possible, meaning your moss and coconut filters can be easily composted when they've served their purpose. If you value a more sustainable, greener way of living, you’ll love what Briiv can do for you and the Earth.

Long lasting design:
Made from a new generation of bio-plastics that are durable and don’t compromise on performance.

Our packaging is formed from recycled material, our filtration elements are naturally occurring sustainably sourced (moss and coconut) and the housing is biodegradable.

Less Plastic
Each Briiv filter 91.7% less plastic than a conventional air filter.

CO2 saved
Briiv produces 80.57% less CO2 over the life of the device than any other purifier.

We also plant one tree for every product sold.

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